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Federation of Hungarian Public Service Employees Unions (KSZSZ) is presenting

The KSZSZ since its foundation has always tried to accomplish a complex interest representation. Its aim is to react to the social problems beyond the world of work and to the changes due to the globalisation and the Hungarian EU joining. It takes part actively in the preparation of reforms of public services and consistently acts against the steps deteriorating the standard of living of citizens and situation of employees in the public sector.

The federation is insistently struggling for the increase of the wages of public service employees. These wages are relatively low in correlation of the character and economic efficiency of their work. The aim is that their wages reach at least the lower level of EU average. The federation raises its voice - using all legal tools - against the imprudent, unfounded staff decrease, outsourcing in the public service and for the fair treating of employees leaving the public sector.

The KSZSZ by the SZEF (Forum for the Co-operation of Trade Unions, the confederation in which the KSZSZ isn't member, but the majority members of the KSZSZ are members of the SZEF) takes part in the activity of National Interest Representation Council (OÉT, the tripartite negotiating forum of the employees, employers and the government), and so the KSZSZ is also actively take parts in consultation on topics like labour, employment, wage and income policy in concern of all types of legal relationships in concern of public sphere employees and regulated by different laws. The KSZSZ is present in the macro level social dialogue forum in public sector, in the so called National Public Service Interest Reconciliation Council (OKÉT).

The KSZSZ as a member of the negotiation group of the civil servant employees', gives proposal and expresses opinion in concern of civil servants' legal relationship, measures of central budget concerning the civil servants and the public employees, and theoretical questions of economy on labour force of civil servants and personal allowances.

Leaders of the KSZSZ from the VI. Congress (22.05.2009)

dr. Géza Agg

dr. Ildikó Bicskey
Ferenc Pető
dr. József Soós

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